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AL Licenses 83005/50210

Fixed coffee machine

In business since 1978

Knowledgeable miscellaneous equipment repair

You already know of our reputation for knowledgeable repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and HVAC systems, so you can count on us to be experienced at miscellaneous equipment repair, such as balers, dishwashers, coffee makers, and sinks.

Our repair services include:

- Boilers

- Dishwashers

- Coffee makers

- Sinks

Our specialty mechanics are well-trained.

We can install new refrigeration equipment.

Alston Refrigeration Co Inc. serves the Mobile and Baldwin County areas as well as some parts of southern Mississippi with knowledgeable repair and maintenance of commercial equipment.


We are available to provide you with superior service anytime of the day or night. Call us for equipment repair to keep your business running smoothly.

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